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Steps of Blockchain working:

  1. Transaction
  2. Block
  3. Verification
  4. Hash
  5. Execution
Stages of Blockchain

How blockchain works?

A blockchain is a basically digital record of transactions. The name originates from its structure, in which singular records, called blocks, are connected together in single rundown, called a chain. Blockchains are utilized for recording exchanges made with digital forms of money and numerous different applications.

A blockchain record comprises of two kinds of records:
1.    Singular exchanges: The principal block comprises of a header and information that relates to exchanges occurring inside a set day and age.
2.    Blocks: The block’s timestamp is utilized to help make an alphanumeric string called a hash.
Every exchange added to a blockchain is approved by various PCs on the Web. These frameworks, which are designed to screen particular sorts of blockchain exchanges, shape a shared system. They cooperate to guarantee every exchange is legitimate before it is added to the blockchain. This decentralized system of PCs guarantees a solitary framework can't add invalid blocks to the chain.

At the point when another block is added to a blockchain, it is connected to the past block utilizing a cryptographic hash produced from the substance of the past block. This guarantees the chain is never broken and that each block is forever recorded. It is additionally deliberately hard to change past exchanges in blockchain since all the resulting blocks must be modified first.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

What is Blockchain?

In technical terms, the blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

So basically, blockchain is a public register in which transactions between two users belonging to the same network are stored in a secure, verifiable and permanent way. The data which are relating to the exchanges are saved inside cryptographic blocks and connected in a hierarchical manner to each other. This creates an endless chain of data blocks on that basis the name blockchain is created that allows you to trace and verify all the transactions whatever you have ever made.

At first, blockchains were only commonly held by digital currency like cryptocurrency particular. But in these days, blockchain applications are usually analyze in many industries as a secure and profitable way to create and manage a distributed database and preserve records for digital transactions of all types.

Block chain

Roadmap of BYC Implementation

There are number of cryptocurrencies are available in market over the internet as of 7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing. The planning and the stages of implementation of BYC are as listed below.
Aug 2018: ICO (initial Coin Offering) distribution
Sept 2018: ICO Period
Oct 2018: BYC exchange test mode (1-15 days) exchanges in open source at $3 approx.
Nov 2018: BYC wallet for mac, window released
Dec 2019: BYC security improvement
Jan 2019: BYC exchange trade with other cryptocurrency. Listing on coin direction & explorer
Feb 2019: Apps For iOS and Android users
March 2019: More platform feature performance improvement. Coin market cap listing
April 2019: We will hold a conference and set up a marketing campaign.
May 2019: Private API for merchants and service provider
June 2019: Enable e-commerce shop and buy with BYC coin
July 2019: Public and private API for traders

Aug 2019: Annual event and launch smart card

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


The one way of investment is, book a profit by trading and yet BYC coin at lowest price and sell at higher price when the market is strong.

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BYC Trading

This is the most effective activity of BYC coin. You can also profiting from downward movements in BYC coin price by selling them at a higher price and buy them again at a lower price and pocketing the price difference. If you want to profit from short selling, you have to own BYC Coin in the first place. Buy BYC Coin from BYC Coin Exchange with BYC first.

In simple terms, you can gain profit using BYC like book coins at lower price and sell them at a higher rate then again buy them at lower price so that’s how you can pocketing the price difference. But there is also one way to gain profit in short selling. For that, you have to store BYC coin at first place and you can buy them from coin exchange with BYC first. 

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BYC Treding

BYC activity: Stacking

On the moment, when you get BYC coin it becomes an interest bearing asset with Up to 120% return per year through PoS minting. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coins in your BYC-QT wallet. This means anyone holding BYC Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. Therefore, anyone can hold their coins into BYC wallet for security.

Activities of BYC

More than $40 million in assets were placed under restraint pending forfeiture, and more than 30 Liberty reserve exchanger domain names were seized.

Following activities are included in BYC.

How Byteconnect Works?

In terms of technical, when a BYC send to one person to other person then it comes into network, so the network is peer-to-peer because of that the transactions will take place between both users directly. BYC is generated using CPU/GPU so it doesn’t require any type of ASIC so there also one type of benefit of BYC coin that it doesn’t require more expenses. This means any person can holding BYC Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. For Investment, person can book a profit by trading and yet BYC coin at lowest Price and sell at higher price when the market is strong.

Benefits of Byteconnect

As we all know that when paper currencies are printed, and then circulate and government control and distribute all these things.

There is the simple example for byteconnect understanding if following:

For example, Mukesh is living in India and he wants to send some money to his friend Bob living in Thailand so there is some traditional ways from that he will be sending money via international currency exchanges like MoneyGram or PayPal and many more. This transaction should take time like 4 to 5 business days and they have to give third party charges between 20 to 30% of fees to complete all this payment procedure.

Now, this BYC cryptocurrency will take the main roll. In the other side, if Mukesh will send money directly to Bob in the Thailand, he can send money in the form of BYC coin and it will be peer-to-peer and safer than bank also it will be fast too and charges are less than traditional transaction system.

WHY Byteconnect?

BYC (Byteconnect) is a new worldwide altcoin that aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models. It is the digital currency, so in short the system works without bank. For the profit gaining simply, you can buy BYC in lowest price and selling them into highest price and you can again buy them into lowest price after estimate the price difference. But, if you want to profit from short selling, you have to own BYC Coin in the first place. For the investment, book a profit by trading and yet BYC coin at lowest Price and sell at higher price when the market is strong.

Byteconnect: The altcoin